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Why you’re Business Needs Panic Bars

We all go places where there are panic bars whether we realize it or not. If you ever go to the shopping mall, school, universities, hospital and other places where large groups go, you’ve seen and used a panic bar. It is the door that simply allows you to press on it to open it, no keys required. This door is also referred to as a crash bar. This type of bar is very important in an emergency situation. They enable large crowds of people to move through them without anyone being harmed. This has been the case in the past when people became trapped inside and weren’t able to escape. The panic bar has a spring-loaded bar that is installed horizontally across the door. Again, once someone presses on the bar, it releases the latch and the door opens. This enables everyone inside to get out without a problem.

There is definitely a good reason to have such a door installed in large buildings. If you think about the number of people who visit places like a hospital, it would be a disaster if everyone tried to get out at once but a locked door prevented them from getting out. When people feel trapped, they begin to panic. When there is the presence of a panic door that allows people to freely move out, this tends to make people respond in a calm manner. They have the assurance that they will be able to get out without hesitation. If there are people on the other side of the door trying to come in while others are trying to get out, this could also be a disaster. This is why the panic bar can only be opened from one side, allowing the people to move in one direction, which is out. If you are a business that receives a lot of visitors, you could be liable for loss of life if someone were unable to escape a fire in your building. Our locksmiths at Fast Valley Locksmith in Green Valley, AZ are able to install your panic bars whenever requested.

It was due to several tragic events that the panic bar was developed. In the 1800’s there were 180 children who were trapped inside and building and couldn’t escape. They lost their lives. In the early 1900’s, 600 people died in a fire inside a Chicago theater. With these tragic events, someone saw the need to develop something that would protect people from this happening. That is when the panic bar was designed. Businesses benefit and so do those who visit these businesses. See some of the many benefits you receive from having them installed.

  • Affordable – When you think of the amount of money that some residential doors cost and compare it to the relatively inexpensive panic bar, we are sure you’ll find $100 far less expensive. This is the starting range for most panic bars. The more expensive models may run an estimated $300. Sometimes if you are having more than one installed in your business, you’ll be able to get a discount on installation. Make sure you inquire about this prior to installation.
  • Numerous Choices – You can select from different types of panic bars. Everyone benefits from the ones that sound an alarm when unauthorized entry occurs. Panic bars are offered with cross panic bars and vertical bars. They also come in different prices and sizes. It is important that the right type of bar is installed on the right type of door in order for it to be effective.
  • Safety – The main reason for panic pars is safety. This type of door helps evacuate people without them trampling each other to death. They are installed inside, which prevents anyone from outside getting inside. This is good because it will keep out anyone that may want to cause harm to those inside. The ones that sound an alarm when someone tries to gain entry from outside are helpful in apprehending someone who had intentions of harming someone. To make sure it is correctly installed, only allow a qualified trained professional to handle the installation of your panic bar.
  • Lowers Insurance Premiums – The installation of panic bars for your building can help reduce the amount of your premium. If you are trying to cut operating expenses, you may want to consider installing panic bars as an option to lowering your premiums. The good thing is that it will save you on your insurance and help save lives in the end. If you are a building manager and responsible for so much already, like adding carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, adding panic bars should certainly be one of things to add to your list.
  • They are Effective – You now know how inexpensive the panic bar is and what they are designed to do, however, the most important reason to consider having them installed is because they are effective. Yes, the panic bar has been very instrumental in helping save lives. There are some businesses where OSHA requires you to have panic bars installed. You’ll need to check with your specific municipality to find out if you are in compliance with this mandate. 

There are some who may argue that lives have still been lost even with panic bars installed. This is true. However, there would be far more loss of life without them. The key thing to remember, even with panic bars installed is that you should try to keep everyone calm so that they will move in the direction they are being directed. Panicking can only make the situation worse, especially during an emergency situation. Given the amount of people that you may need to get out, it is a good idea to give serious consideration to how you can do this by having panic bars installed. Besides opening your business, this may be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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