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Fast Valley Locksmith: What to Do, Car Key Stuck in Ignition

Twist, turn, pull and push. These are just some of the ways that you may be trying to free your key from the clutches of your ignition cylinder. Why is the key stuck? You just can’t understand it. You just drove the car so you inserted the key, removed it perfectly fine, and now; it’s totally stuck inside the ignition.
How will you ever get it out? 

Like a superhero from the movies, Fast Valley Locksmith in Green Valley, Arizona will be there to rescue you once you give us a call. We remove stuck keys; extract broken bones and so much more. Just call us when you need assistance with any lock that you have.   

Stuck Car Key? You’re Not Alone

Many people suffer from some tragic situation with their keys at some point or another. Whether it is a lost key, broken key or just a stuck key, many things can go wrong with your car key. While some people will be lucky enough to never experience any of these misfortunes, a lot of us will have these things happen to us even more than once throughout our lifetime. No matter how bad you feel about your situation, you should understand that you’re not alone.

Many people have experienced a stuck key before. They weren’t the first, you aren’t the first either and you definitely won’t be the last. Until car keys are completely a thing of the past, people will continue to have problems with their car keys.

Can there be anything good that results from having a stuck car key? We can’t think of any. But, there is one good thing that some people may realize after their key gets stuck- it’s only stuck temporarily. What does that mean? It means that the key isn’t really stuck but the vehicle is just in the wrong gear or the steering wheel was locked. Once these things are corrected, their key is easily removed. 

That’s the only good news we can think of as it relates to having a stuck key. Can you think of another one? It should be interesting to see what you come up with. But, until stuck car keys start to indicate good news, it is an annoying and inconvenient problem that some of us may have to deal with. 

Why Do Car Keys Get Stuck?

So, why would your car key get stuck? Did you do something wrong? Is it a problem with your key? Why does it happen to some people and not others? Does it have anything to do with the age of the vehicle? How can I prevent it from happening again?

When your car key gets stuck in the ignition, these are just some of the questions that may flood your thoughts. So, let’s answer some of them.
There are several reasons why your car key may get stuck in the ignition.

  • You were trying to use the wrong key

Sounds a bit strange? You may be wondering who would do that. But, it’s not impossible. If you have more than one vehicle and you’re not paying attention, especially if the keys are similar, you may end up using the wrong key. Some people will stop themselves before it gets too late because the key is a bit difficult to insert in the lock. But, for those who are more confident in their choice, they may force the key into the ignition. Of course, we all know the possibility that lays ahead- a stuck key. 

  • The ignition cylinder is damaged

With frequent driving, your ignition cylinder will undergo wear and tear. Sometimes, the ignition cylinder will get damaged in the process and you may not realize. When you insert your key to start the vehicle, the end result may be a stuck key. 

  • The key is damaged

There are many ways that you can damage your keys and there are different types of damage that can occur with your key. Depending on the damage that it has received and how severe it is, it may impact how well it starts your car and how easy you can insert or remove the key. In some instances, the key can get stuck in the ignition.  

Can You Remove a Stuck Car Key on Your Own?

If you have experienced stuck keys before, you may be able to remove your stuck car key. But, if you are not trained to handle a situation like this, you may need professional help. A locksmith is trained to remove stuck and broken keys. In no time, your keys can be removed from the ignition. 
Ready to call a locksmith? Make sure you find a good locksmith in your area. It would really be a horrible experience if you hire a locksmith that makes the situation even worse or ends up not showing up to perform the service you need.   

Will You Need a New Car Key?

If your key gets stuck in the ignition, you won’t need to get a new key unless it breaks. This is why it is very important that you do not tug on the key too harshly when you realize that it is stuck. If you are trying to remove the car key, be very gentle yet firm. It may be a bit difficult to balance the two especially since you may be in a hurry and eager to get the key out. But, it is very crucial if you do not want the key to get broken.

In the event that you do need a new car key, make sure that you rely on the best locksmiths in Arizona- Fast Valley Locksmith in Green Valley. Our highly experienced locksmiths can provide you with a new key if the one you have is broken or we can remove that stuck key for you. 

Stop worrying about what you will do now that your car key is stuck. You can get affordable and prompt locksmith services to get you back on the road in no time. 

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