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Keyless Entry System Benefits

We’ve all heard and maybe used keyless entry systems. You might have one guarding your auto. You might even use one to unlock your smart phone. Keyless entry is here to stay and for good reason; it works! Locks and keys have been lumped together for thousands of years; in fact, many ancient cultures used locks, keys and various forms of them to secure homes, temples, tombs and treasure troves. Locks and keys are still used extensively today and show no signs of going away. This hasn’t stopped keyless entry from making huge advancements in both usage and appreciation.

Keyless entry enhances security

It’s a fact; keyless entry enhances security. This can be automotive, residential or commercial security, as keyless entry systems are used in all three applications. When you dispense with keys, you can rule out lost or stolen ones. There is nothing to steal with keyless entry – the key is in your head! You simply remember a key code or number sequence and boom; you are in! No more hiding your keys in your purse or desk. No more locking them in your safe or having to constantly search through your pockets. Crooks can’t borrow your keys, make a copy and then put them back. Or, just outright steal your keys and use them to rob you silly, a little later!

Keyless entry adds convenience to your life!

Imagine; no more fumbling around, looking for keys while juggling groceries, babies or packages. Simply tap your key code into the pad and you are in! Keyless remotes are even easier as you simply tap a button and you can open doors, start cars, unlock and open trunks, set alarms and lots more. Talk about automation! Keyless entry makes life easier, safer and less hassle.

Keyless entry fights crime

Well, not by itself it doesn’t! It can help catch crooks by alerting anyone within hearing distance that your system is not being used right. It’s much like trying to enter your password into your online bank account. If you forget what it is and enter the wrong numbers, it will eventually lock you out. Keyless entry systems do the same. Too many wrong entries and you are unable to try again for a certain period of time. Some systems even call the police!

Residential keyless entry

Most people think of keyless entry for auto use. They are very familiar with keyless remotes, keypads, and number sequences for cars, trucks and SUV’s but they aren’t quite familiar with the same thing for housing units. Hotels have been using keyless entry for a number of years and so have high rise condos and now single family homes. Keyless entry allows you added security, convenience and control as there are no keys to lose, break or misplace. You can walk the dog, grocery shop, go out for a run or get the mail, all by simply walking out the door and locking it behind you. You never have to worry about lost keys, key theft, broken off keys or anything even remotely similar. No more hiding keys under door mats or in the flower pot on the porch; the key is, after all, in your head! Another huge advantage is less cost and more time savings by not having to rekey the locks or have them changed out. When you want to start “fresh” with a new key code, just program the keypad and you are good to go!

Keyless entry for your car

Most folks in our Green Valley, AZ community are familiar with automotive keyless entry. They’ve either used it or know someone who has, or is using it. It seems that drivers either love keyless entry or they can’t stand it and want to return to the old, tried and true car key method. Either way, keyless entry allows you added security, convenience and status, all rolled into one. You can remotely unlock your door, open your trunk, start your engine and even set your alarm! As mentioned earlier, some keyless entry systems will even call police or security if too many wrong attempts are made using the wrong key code. Automotive keyless entry is often listed as an upgrade when purchasing new vehicles and its popularity is stronger than ever due to its versatility, ease of use and affordability.

Commercial keyless entry

Keyless entry is making strong inroads in the commercial security space. This is because of its versatility, ease of use and numerous secure factors. You can use keyless entry systems in most any type of business environment. From banks and credit unions to miniature golf and fast food outlets, key codes and keypads are being used to provide convenient and secure access to staff, customers, vendors and guests. Many of our Fast Valley Locksmith commercial customers currently use keyless entry combined with access control for even better and more effective security, crowd flow and building access management. If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to give us a call or contact a licensed, bonded and insured business locksmith in your area. Keyless entry can now be blended with thumbprint locks, retina scans, swipe cards and other forms of biometric locks, video surveillance, swipe cards and CCTV usage.

What? No disadvantages?

Well, to be honest, there are a few; but they are minimal in number. Power outages are a big factor. If you have battery back-up ready to kick in, then it’s not so bad. If you don’t, you may have to wait until the power returns or use call for help. Another problem could be forgotten key codes or number sequences. If you have a problem remembering things, keyless entry may not be for you. Writing things down is always a good idea…except when it comes to keyless entry! All it takes is the wrong person finding your slip of paper or simply looking over your shoulder while you write it to put your property at risk. All in all, the many advantages of keyless entry far outweigh any drawbacks!

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